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Player name: Jockey
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Character name: Raleigh Becket
Source canon: Pacific Rim
Community tag: raleigh becket
Do I want a HMD: YES

NOTE: This app is made for Raleigh from before he fought Knifehead.

Background: Raleigh Becket, one of the Pilots of the American Jaeger known as Gipsy Danger. One of the Graduates Jaeger Academy's First Graduating Classes and was born in Anchorage, Alaska to Richard and Dominique-Lapierre Becket. Their parents dying some time into the conflicts with the Kaiju, he and his brother Yancy also chose to drop out of school to become Rangers in the PPDC what with the attacks by the Kaiju.

The two weren't exactly the ideal material the Jaeger Academy had usually worked with, the two themselves in fact didn't expect to make the first cut of the year. It was no doubt a surprise that the Becket brothers managed to meet not only the physical and mental requirements needed as Jaeger pilots, but also manage to excel in the combat simulations.

Admittedly all partnerships have their rough spots. Raleigh and Yancy coming into blows over a Ranger Groupie known as Naomi Sokolov - who at first showed interest in the younger before dating the older. The nature of the argument stemming from Raleigh's inability to take what he wants and believing it to be a matter of simple jealousy. The incident at first caused a tremendous flop during a simulation before leading to a particularly destructive bar brawl that led to the two dragged into the office of their commanding officer Marshall Stacker Pentecost.

After a thorough verbal barrage regarding the utter lack of respect the pair had for each other and the trampling of the bond that Jaeger pilots had, the two would make amends and upon getting their heads back into the game go on to be among one of the best Jaeger teams known - accounting for four confirmed Kaiju kills within a four year period of service - at one point working with Herc Hansen in an operation. Though he would not say it in their presence, Marshall Pentecost believed that the Beckets were in fact his best team.

Personality: Raleigh is exactly what you would expect in a Jaeger Pilot. Cocky, self assured and eager to get into the fight. Given the four confirmed kills he and his brother Yancy have marked down, his confidence in his skills as a pilot aren't all that overblown. While they have had differences during their earlier days in the program, Raleigh and Yancy are as close as you would expect. Between them practically being the only family they have left and sharing brain space in Gipsy, they're as close as brothers can be, which is something that truly helps with the drift.

Raleigh is given to disobeying orders and is often known for questioning authority. Given his track record as a ranger, the sense of invincibility that the unbroken streak of kills that he and Yancy have accumulated this is unsurprising. Especially given the rock star-like status that Jaeger Pilots have gained over the years in their actions against the kaiju.

Despite his negative traits, Raleigh has always been willing to assist others despite the disadvantage it would definitely put himself in. This trait, while admirable can become deadly since it carries over to combat situations.

POST-ANCHORAGE (Details in white)

Of course after the major defeat that left Gipsy crippled, Yancy dead and the memories of his death from his eyes burned into Raleigh's brain - along with the sheer, unbelievably painful pressure of finishing the battle with Knifehead solo before dragging his Jaeger to shore - much of his attitude was hammered down into something significantly more humble and somewhat broken.

There is still fight in him, but when one loses a sibling - not just that but a person that they connected their very minds with... it leaves something of a hole in them, especially since Yancy was the one who carried more weight between the two of them. As such, Raleigh is given to keeping to himself as much as possible when not engaged in something that requires interaction with others.

(Note: Mako is an exception to this rule because the reason because of their drift compatibility - meaning that he once again has someone whom he is able to connect to in such a deep level after the loss of his brother.)

While he has learned to put aside his ego and swallow his pride, he still has some issues with authority - though after everything he has gone through, Raleigh has indeed learned the value of following orders.

Capabilities and Resources: Raleigh is a skilled Jaeger Pilot and is known for his ability to improvise in the heat of combat, being immensely difficult to predict. Raleigh also has exceptional hand to hand skills because of his training and is multilingual because of his upbringing.

Type: Combatant (Temporary Non-Combatant after the events of mission 1)

Unit Name: Gipsy Danger
Unit Description: A Mark-III Jaeger standing at around 79 meters and powered by an Arc-9 Nuclear Vortex Reactor. Gipsy Danger is credited with four confirmed Kaiju kills. As with all Jaegers, they are best suited to terrestrial warfare as the Kaiju have ever only appeared attacking from the sea. Gipsy is capable of rapid movement on solid ground when utilizing its rear thrusters and has solid mobility and fluid motion for its size class thanks to its stabilizers - even being able to affect massive leaps.

As its control pod is in its head AND is detachable, the massive armor flaps close to its shoulders are present in order to protect the back and of its neck lest the con-pod is torn free by aggressors. Additionally, when submerged - partially or completely, it is able to utilize sea water to assist with system cooling - thus allowing the systems to be pushed harder.

In terms of combat ability, Gipsy is armed with an I-19 Plasma Caster - the weapon functions by sending plasma through a supercharged carrier rail, because of the nature of the weapon's projectile, any wounds caused against biological opponents like the Kaiju will be cauterized instantly after impact - possibly preventing the spread of any toxic substances within the target's body. Additional weapons include a set of elbow rockets that increase the impact force of physical blows dealt by the Jaeger.

The Nuclear Turbine can also be utilized as a directed heat weapon - albeit purely at close range for maximum effectiveness. The coolant the Jaeger utilizes can also be used as an offensive weapon and is capable of rendering a kaiju's limbs brittle enough to shatter like ice. It goes without saying that it could possibly affect more than just rampaging monsters in such a way.

Admittedly unlike the Mark 4s and 5s, Gipsy has a problem in regards to its parts - in which they move far more than the recent models. This along with its looser suspension means that close quarters combat can become exceptionally risky.

Size: XL
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: No
Favored terrain: Land


After Gipsy Danger is repaired fully from the incident with Knifehead, it receives a pair of new weapons. These being retractable chain swords. The swords can be utilized in a whip-like manner or as a solid blade - both being exceptionally dangerous as the steel-obsidian alloy is absurdly sharp.


Suggested Event List:

It is recommended that Raleigh and Yancy spend at least three months or so with the Unity Group prior to the first PacRim mission. Mostly depends on how Cole wishes to play it though.

Mission 01: Anchorage
Gipsy Danger along with support from the Unity Group are deployed to the Gulf of Alaska to intercept the Kaiju designated 'Knifehead'. However there is a problem in which there is a civilian boat between the Kaiju and everyone else. Marshall Pentecost orders everyone to leave it. Of course given how things go, its an order that gets disobeyed.

The mission goes as with canon, only with additional assistance.

After killing Knifehead, Gipsy goes MIA. Possibly in the chaos of the events from the accompanying canon.

-post mission log-
This will involve Raleigh forcing Gipsy to shore before crashing it to the ground -as with canon. From here he's recovered by people from the Unity Group.

Following this, Raleigh will go on Hiatus for a while before returning to the Unity Group as a combat instructor until an appropriately deemed time for the PacRim plot to start up again.

On a side note, any Aquatic/Near Aquatic missions that require a B-plot may feel free to utilize Kaiju until Mission 02

MISSION ARC: Cancelling the Apocalypse

Mission 02: Hong Kong

Prior to the mission, the revelation that the Kaiju were sent by beings on the other side of the Breach to clear out humanity has led to issues. That being the method has led to a pair of Kaiju being sent on a hunt/kill mission through Hong Kong and causing chaos along the way.

The Unity Group forces deploy to assist the three Jaegers already in combat.

How the situation deteriorates is dependent on how the Unity Group manages.

Three results can occur:

The first is as canon, control of the situation is lost - Cherno and Typhoon are destroyed, pilots dead.

The second, control is barely maintained - Cherno and Typhoon are heavily damaged. The pilots are injured but alive, but the Jaegers are inoperable for the operation to seal the breach. In this case Leatherback is killed via the Kaidanovskys headshotting it with their escape pod - which is more or less a huge chunk of their Con-Pod. This occurs as there is no breach in the pod caused by acid damage. In Typhoon's case, Otachi only had time to decapitate but not crush the con-pod completely.

The Third. Control is maintained
- After taking damage and the capabilities of the Kaiju are revealed, the three jaegers are ordered to move back to a better defensive position as the Kaiju are designed specifically for their elimination. While both Kaiju are still present, this will allow all four Jaegers to deploy on the finale.

Irregardless of the results, Herc Hansen will be injured because Herc and Chuck still pull off their flare gun distraction on Leatherback - possibly as a defensive support after Eureka is EMPed.

Gipsy Danger will deploy as reinforcements and assist with the elimination of the Kaiju. Things progress as they would in canon more or less.

Finale: The Breach
With time running out, what preparations could me made are hurried along as best as they could be for the operation. Marshall Stacker Pentecost taking over for Herc Hansen as one of the pilots for Striker Eureka. As all forces are deployed to the breach, they are intercepted by another pair of Kaiju and duke it out.

If the third result was achieved in the previous mission, then the fight will be easier on everyone and there will be access to Cherno and Typhoon supports.

Upon elimination of one of the kaiju and the retreat of the other, the scientist duo of the PPDC will quickly forestall the attempt to nuke the breach and reveal the wrinkle in the plan. That it won't be possible as only a Kaiju can go back and forth without trouble and the Breach needs to think whatever is going through it is a Kaiju.

As a plan is formed a Category Five emerges from the breach and the Kaiju that fled returns.

Striker will use the Nuke on Slattern (the Cat Five) when it shows its downright ludicrous durability. If Cherno and Typhoon are present, Striker will not be destroyed.

Gipsy will engage the weaker Kaiju and claim its corpse before it moves to the Breach - utilizing its nuclear reactor as a replacement for the bomb (Should Cherno be present, it would be because it wasn't engaged by Slattern). Unfortunately while injured badly, Slattern will attempt to attack Gipsy.

Everything proceeds as expected.

Raleigh and Mako escape, the explosion occurs and the breach is sealed.

With the defeat of the Kaiju and their masters and the sealing of the Breach, the age of the Jaeger has ended.

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